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Products & Services

At ALGANOX, we offer cost-effective and sustainable full life cycle solutions for a greener and more sustainable future. Our bespoke and modular designs empower industries to achieve their environmental goals. We specialize in designing and building self-electricity-generating standalone systems that also capture pollution. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative technology solutions.
Design and Building

Our team specializes in designing and building custom technology solutions tailored to your specific needs. We believe in using sustainable materials and methods to ensure that our solutions are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


We understand the importance of efficient logistics when it comes to technology solutions. That's why we offer turnkey solutions that include transportation, installation, and maintenance services. Our logistics team ensures that your technology solution is up and running as quickly as possible.


We offer a wide range of equipment options to fit your specific needs. From solar panels to wind turbines to battery storage systems, we have everything you need to power your business sustainably.

Pollution Capture

Our innovative technology solutions also include pollution capture systems. We believe that it's not enough to simply generate clean energy - we must also work to reduce our environmental impact. Our pollution capture systems ensure that your business is doing its part to create a sustainable future.

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